Gérald Livin

Born in 1962 in Belgium. Lives and works in Montreal.
In the early 1980s, Gerald studies advertising at Brussels C.A.D College of Advertising & Design but quickly resolves to devote himself exclusively to photography and signs numerous emblematic fashion and advertising images both in Belgium and in France.
In 1997, the artist decides to concentrate on his personal research, which results in his art photography. In 2001, he wins the « Prix du Public » (audience award) of “Photographie Ouverte”. Today, his photographs are in the permanent collection of Belgium’s Charleroi Musée de la Photographie.
In 2003, he immigrates to Montreal, working in advertising, a sector where his images illustrated countless international advertising campaigns.
Since 2012, the photographer exclusively focuses on his personal artistic work.

His images are visual fragments of meandering. The subject is nothing more than a source from which he draws, but the completeness of which he willingly ignores. The intent of his photographic work consists in taking representation a little before its dissolution threshold by playing with the frontiers of perception.
The setting is fictitious : the trompe-l’oeil scenography is subject to the fragmentation of forms and the saturation of matters. Ambiguous spaces show off, concurrently devoid of significance and proportion and filled with identifiable cores.
Motivated by the impetus to touch, the rendering offers a contrast that exacerbates the geometry of the composition and the mass of its flesh. Although skin lacks from these forms, volumes and matters, it will be given by the profound mattness of the photographic prints, which will predispose to a rapprochement.
Spectators are tempted to this invitation to meandering. It allows them to spend time inside the image in order to tame it; the time to question their perception, the time to put down their own markers and to figure their free interpretation.

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