Pierre Radisic – The Man Who Fell to Earth

The Man Who Fell to Earth

There are people who laugh on the outside, but inside are deadly serious.

And people who are deadly serious on the outside, but laugh on the inside.

I think of Pierre Radisic as in a class of his own: he laughs on the outside and laughs on the inside–and is still deadly serious about the great Game of Life,  where we all fall to Earth, look round dazed, but get up  anyway and do our best to deal with it, some more successfully than others. Which brings us to his alter ego. This shadow being, just arrived on Earth, is amazed  at what he sees as he sets out on his wide-eyed voyage of discovery. He observes,  he comments, he communes….. He soaks it all in—the strange life forms, with whom  he sometimes mates; the mysterious objects he stumbles upon; the occult symbols;  the rituals of sex and death…. the perplexing structures of remote civilizations …. On the journey he discovers strange principles at work…. Cubism, Constructivism, Animism…  There is an order here on Earth, he discovers, to be deciphered like hieroglyphs. Unlike the pathetic humans he occasionally encounters, he can stretch his being, or shrink it. Long ago his people understood the properties of dark matter, and mastered it. Soon he’ll find it getting monotonous, this limited sphere, and be gone again. But for the moment, we’re lucky to have him hiding amongst us.

William A. Ewing


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