Gérald Livin – Skatepark

Never one of Gérald Livin’s series has been as instinctive as Skatepark.
On the scale of premeditation, the level is zero and on the weather side, the barometer needle shows rainy. We are in Montreal, the sky is grey. The photographer holds his camera case in his hand only “not to leave it in the car”. In front of this site for skateboarders – so deserted that it seems desolated – his desire to photograph it becomes irresistible. He was not supposed to be there.
His photographic work will dissolve this apparent desolation punctuated with tongues of concrete to the point of breaking the representation of the subject. The disruption of chromatic densities highlighted by a resolute and assumed framing, contributes to this fracture with the landmarks.

In front of Gérald Livin’s Skatepark, the spectator is himself invited to an unexpected rendez-vous. As in the case of Rothko’s works, he is encouraged to escape from the immediate world in order to penetrate the image and tame it stratum by stratum until he reaches its own truth on the subject and vibrates in its light. 

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